Cancer Causing Chemicals Spark Lawsuit Against Military Contractor

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 19-Dec-2011

A federal lawsuit against Houston headquartered military contractor, KBR Inc. has been filed, alleging exposure by hundreds of military members to cancer-causing chemicals while serving in the Middle East.

The lawsuit stems from respiratory complications, tumors and even death endured by many of the service members exposed to the chemical, hexavalent chromium.

In addition to exposing military members to the chemical at the Iraq water treatment plant at the Qarmat Ali facility, the military contracting company is being accused of lying to soldiers providing security at the plant, regarding the dangers associated and general presence of the dangerous chemicals.

The lawsuit against the civilian contractor, KBR Inc., was filed in 2009. It includes hundreds of National Guardsmen from Indiana, South Carolina, West Virginia, Oregon and even British Royal Air Force members.

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