CapMetro Bus Accident in Austin Kills Pedestrian Passenger

A man was killed in an Austin CapMetro bus accident, when he somehow slipped and was struck and his torso was run over by the CapMetro bus in Austin, officials said, Friday.

According to reports the man has been identified as 22-year-old Andy Ching-Nien Wang. Wang was struck by the bus after exiting, on Riverside Drive near an apartment complex. Officials said the complex houses many University of Texas college students in the area.

The young man was transported to University Medical Center Brackenridge, where he later died of the injuries he sustained in the Austin CapMetro bus accident.

Police are still investigating the bus accident in Austin to uncover more details involved.

The bus accident that occurred early Friday morning was the second fatal bus accident involving CapMetro this year.

Bus accidents involving pedestrians are one of the more common causes of injuries and death in bus accidents, because of the heavy foot traffic that occurs near buses and bus stops. Passengers entering and exiting buses can incur serious threat of injury if the proper steps are not taken by passengers, bus drivers and even the companies hiring and training bus employees.

Some of the more common causes for serious bus accident, even those involving pedestrians and passengers include, poor bus driver training, improper bus loading or excessive bus loading, poor bus maintenance, bus operation in adverse weather and road conditions, reckless driving and even driving under the influence of drug or alcohol.

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