College Station Car Crash Shuts Down Southbound Lanes

A car accident in College Station provoked emergency officials to free the victim from the vehicle after the Highway 6 crash near University Drive.

Police are still investigating the scene of the accident and no update regarding the victim’s condition nor their identity has been provided. The Bryan-College Station car accident involved only one other vehicle.

According to officials, the collision caused emergency crews to close the southbound lanes of Highway 6.

One of the vehicles involved was identified as a red Toyota sedan. The other vehicle’s identification was not provided.

As Texas continues to endure adverse weather conditions, accidents have been abundant across the state. Although some accidents are unavoidable, other situations are completely preventable, occurring when drivers fail to pay adequate attention, disregard signage and Texas driving laws or operate a vehicle in a negligent manner.

While drivers may find themselves involved in accidents involving injuries of themselves, passengers or loved ones, knowing what to do in a car crash situation can be vital to protecting oneself later. Taking some of the following steps can help save victims and their loved one’s time and resources later, as they seek fair compensation, medical treatment and work to get back on their feet following a Texas auto collision.

Gather Information About and From Parties Involved in the Car Wreck

Gaining contact information as well as insurance information while at the scene isn’t always possible. Injuries may prevent a victim from obtaining important information from other parties involved. But, if possible, gathering the contact information from other victims, witnesses, involved and at-fault parties, as well as officials and law enforcement, can be helpful later.

Document the Car Crash

Documenting the accident can be as simple as taking pictures with a camera or phone or drawing out the layout of roadways and how and what occurred. Writing down road names and intersections can be extremely helpful later. Even taking pictures of property damage can help one’s personal injury claim, although property damage is not always a good indicator of the severity of injuries.

If you or someone you loved has been injured or killed in a car accident in Texas, call out auto accident lawyers in Austin, San Antonio, Bryan-College Station and statewide Texas for a free initial consultation. Our team of attorneys, backed by private investigators and registered nurses, have access to valuable resources and tools that can help our clients as they seek answers and fair compensation. We care. We can help.


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