Car crash fatalities rise 8% so far this year

For almost the past decade, deaths from car crashes have declined each year until the first part of 2015 when the deaths went up 8 percent; reversing the well-liked trend. The nation’s highway safety chief is determined to find out how to prevent the causes of these deadly accidents.

A steady decline turns to abnormal spike? Why? The economy is often blamed. With lower gas prices and a better economy, more people are traveling on the roads this year than previous years. Americans drove 1.54 trillion miles in the beginning of 2015 according to the Federal Highway Administration, which is 3.5 percent higher than the same period in 2014.

Although more travelers contributes, this is not the only reason. Distracted driving has made driving much more dangerous as more people are using smartphones, as well as drugged, drowsy and drunk drivers on the road.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s research shows that 94 percent of all crashes are caused by human decisions. With human decisions being the number one cause of fatalities, it is important to make good decisions when getting behind the wheel, and be a defensive driver.

This holiday season, even more people will be on the road. As car crashes tend to spike during the holidays, be sure to travel safely. Always get a designated driver when you need one, wear helmets and seatbelts, and stay off of smartphones while operating a vehicle.


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