Attorney Helps Client File Suit Against Massage Business

Personal injury attorney, Todd Kelly, and his client filed a lawsuit against a local massage business and their former employee for $1 million.

Genevieve and Gary Phillips had a couples massage in March 2014 when an incident happened at La Vida Massage of Cedar Park. The couple wants to recover damages for “personal injuries sustained as a result of sexual assault and battery against Genevieve Phillips,” according to court documents.

During the couples massage almost two years ago, the former licensed massage therapist at La Vida, Adrian Stuart Johnson, allegedly exposed himself and placed his genitals in Genevieve’s hand.

“This is very personal, it was very emotional,” said Kelly. She was there with her husband for a couple’s massage and part of what they were doing was working on their marriage.”

The owner of the massage business was surprised by the lawsuit because the assault allegedly happened two years ago, but according to Kelly, people often wait to come forward in these types of cases.

“I think that the reason they came forward is they realized that if places like La Vida Massage continue not to do background checks on people like this guy, then they’re exposing everyone. Everyone who walks in there is exposed to the same risk – or worse,” Kelly said.

Johnson was licensed, which requires a background check, but the spa did not check his professional references.

Kelly believes the responsibility rests on the business for not checking Johnson’s background thoroughly enough.

“When they put us in a room, in a very vulnerable and compromising position, people are – safe. We pay for that,” said Kelly.

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