Carlson partner secures 650K for injured client

On June 18th, 2014, Brian Sandridge was travelling north along FM 116 in Killeen when he slowed down to make a turn. All of a sudden, he was struck from behind by a UPS vehicle that failed to slow down in time. The crash left Sandridge severely injured. He required a spinal-fusion surgery and was left with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of medical bills.  

The investigating police officer at the scene of the incident assigned a damage rating to Sandridge’s truck of 6, as the vehicle was so badly damage it had to be towed from the scene and deemed a total loss.

The UPS driver was issued a citation by the officer for failing to control his speed.

With the help of a team of attorneys at The Carlson Law Firm, Sandridge was awarded a settlement of $650,000.

“We were happy to help this client whose whole life has been altered for the worse,” said Carlson Partner Scott Crivelli. “For insurance companies, those who are hurt are just statistics on a spreadsheet. Our job is to make it about something more, to let the companies know that our clients are real people whose lives are changed forever because of carelessness on the roads.”

“It’s about getting back something they lost, I’ll stand with them in that fight every time,” he added.


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