Chicago jury awards family $53M after alleged birth injury

A Chicago family has been awarded $53 million after the birth of their son at the University of Chicago Medical Center allegedly resulted in the child’s brain damage back in 2004.

Doctors and nurses allegedly ignored Lisa Ewing when she was admitted to the hospital to give birth. According to the lawsuit, Ewing’s son Isaiah was in fetal distress and deprived of oxygen when he was born. Now 12-years-old, Isaiah has severe Cerebral Palsy, is in a wheelchair, and relies on his mother to feed and clothe him.

Some of the medical mistakes the hospital made, according to the lawsuit, include: failure to carefully monitor mother and baby, failure to perform a timely cesarean, failure to follow a chain of command, failure to obtain accurate cord blood gases, and other errors in medical care.

According to a statement released by the plaintiff’s attorney, the jury took just 4 hours to render their verdict.

A statement released by the hospital expresses the medical center’s “great sympathy” for the family, but does say that they “strongly disagree” with the jury’s verdict.

The judge has not yet entered judgement on the verdict.

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