Children Injured in Dog Attack in Killeen

A Killeen dog attack sent three children to the hospital with injuries on Thursday, provoking authorities to shoot and kill the Malinois-Shepard mix dog.

The dog attack occurred near Timber Ridge Elementary, where the dog bit two of the children, who ran. The dog then caught the 6-year-old child. When officials arrived at the scene of the dog bite incident, the dog was chasing the children. One of the authorities on the scene shot the dog multiple times.

Killeen police said the children had been playing in the neighborhood at the time the attack occurred. According to initial investigations, the dog appeared to have escaped from its yard.

The owner of the dog involved in the attack was cited by Killeen police for not being able to show proof of vaccinations. Though it was killed by authorities, the dog will still be tested for rabies.

The 6-year-old endured the most serious injuries as a result of the animal bite accident. The other two children were transported to a Harker Heights hospital, where they were treated for their injuries.

Killeen Dog Bite Lawyers

Dog bites and animal attacks may not sound serious, but the injuries, scarring and damages that occurred as a result can be life changing for victims and their family members. Long term scars and necessary surgeries can leaves families and victims scrambling to pay for medical visits and treatment as well. In addition, the psychological effects can transform a victim’s way of life.

Previous pet attacks, the way pets are secure and other factors can be important when considering a potential dog attack lawsuit. Understanding the specific details may require investigation and a concise comprehension of Texas animal bite laws. For a free initial case evaluation regarding a potential case, call our dog bite lawyers in Killeen, Waco, Austin and statewide Texas at 800-359-5690, contact our dog attack law firm online or visit any of the ten office locations we practice from across the state. We care. We can help.


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