How To Choose The Best Oil Field Injury Lawyer

Today’s modern economy calls for an increased demand for oil and gas, and along with that pressure, comes an increased risk of serious gas and oil field accidents among workers. When safety policies are ignored, and necessary maintenance is dismissed, employees are the ones who end up paying the price.

Taking basic steps could prevent numerous incidents. Sadly, many incidents can be traced back to an employer who chose to skip a safety procedure or failed to ensure the safety of equipment putting profit above worker safety. This type of negligence includes worker fatigue, inadequate training, poor supervision, poorly maintained and outdated equipment and a shortage of proper safety equipment.

Common oil field injuries

Exposure to toxic compounds

Oil field workers are exposed to dangerous toxins through radiation poisoning, aquifer contamination, and oil spills. Injuries due to toxic exposure may take months, possibly even years for symptoms to show. The health consequences include eye and skin irritation, asthma, chemical burns, headaches and dizziness, lung damage, neurological disorders and cancer.

Collapsed rigs and decks

It only takes something as simple as a worn frame member or a loose bolt to make a rig give way under a person’s weight, creating an extremely dangerous situation that may result in a variety of severe injuries including broken bones, amputations, head injuries and more.


According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), collisions are the number one cause of job-related deaths among oil and gas workers. These collisions typically occur when companies transport workers and equipment to remote locations.

Caught in between

Amputation, most frequently fingers and fingertips, are the result of a worker getting caught in equipment. Proper prevention measures need to be taken to ensure amputation doesn’t occur

Explosions and fires

Friction heat, hot surfaces, sparks from cutting and welding tools, open flames and cigarettes make it easy for flammable vapors and gases on onshore and offshore drilling rigs to ignite. High-pressure lines can leak and burst, causing fires and explosions. Workers may suffer severe burn injuries, disfigurement and sometimes even death.

Eye injuries

Flying debris from wind gusts, pipes and explosions is a threat to the vision of an oilfield worker. When the cornea gets scratched, the worker’s vision can be limited and could lead to an eye infection or even loss of vision if left untreated.

Defective equipment

Catastrophy is bound to happen when equipment is not properly maintained. Malfunctioning equipment leaves an open door for injuries such as amputations and fractures.

Hearing loss

It is vital that oil field workers wear proper safety equipment to reduce the risks of hearing loss. The loud drilling and machinery can result in permanent hearing loss without proper protection.

Why enlist the help of an oil field injury attorney?

Oil field workers contribute a large sum of money to their household, and many times, they have family relying on them financially. They contribute hard, valuable work which is why we want to be certain anyone injured in an oilfield related incident knows what to look for when seeking legal guidance from the best Oil Field Injury Lawyer for them, to defend their rights against large, multinational corporations. Our goal is to provide you with this best chance of receiving fair compensation.

Choosing the Right Oil Field Injury Lawyer


One of the most important things to look for when choosing the best oil field injury lawyer is experience. Not all personal injury lawyers have dealt with oil field injuries which will put them at a disadvantage when they do not have specialized knowledge of the industry, equipment, personal roles and company roles due to the complexity of oilfield injury litigation. There is specific terminology and jargon in the oil field industry that should already be familiar to a seasoned oil field injury attorney. Someone qualified should have the understanding of the relationships between the different parties that are present at a site.


Hiring an attorney who does not have substantial resources may delay the already complicated process. For example, some cases may warrant the hiring of a private investigator. Find a law firm that fully litigates their cases for fewer delays in the completion of your case.

Members of professional associations

It would be wise to hire an attorney who is a member of the national and/or state trial lawyer groups. Active members of such groups collaborate with fellow advocates to educate themselves on how to recognize the tactics insurers utilize to make injuries look minimal and minimize the plaintiff’s claim.

Understanding and compassionate

Most personal injury attorneys offer free consultations. Not only is this a moment for the attorney to evaluate your case, but a free consultation also gives you the opportunity to analyze your potential attorney. Does this person put you at ease? Do you connect in some way? Is he or she actively listening to what you are saying? It is crucial to find an attorney who is not only phenomenal with legal aspects, yet also focuses on the big picture which is to help their clients reclaim their lives while showing compassion and are understanding along the way.

How The Carlson Law Firm can help

We understand oil field workers typically travel hundreds of miles away from their homes and loved ones for the financial opportunities the oilfield industry has to offer. This means that when an oil field worker is injured, many times they have lost the ability to support their family and have gained the burden of mounting medical bills. Our goal is to help our clients return to life as you used to know it. To do so, we will devote the time required and the resources needed to ensure you get the compensation you deserve for your injuries along with the best medical treatment, while you can focus on your recovery.

If you or a loved one were injured or killed in an oil field incident, don’t hesitate to contact The Carlson Law Firm. We have a caring team of seasoned attorneys, on-staff nurses and private investigators who will fight for maximum compensation on our client’s behalf. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We work on contingency fees which means you will not pay unless we win. We care, we can help. Contact us today for a free case evaluation.

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