Cockroach Infestation Shuts Down Chicken Plant

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 10-Jan-2014

Following a recent recall regarding the safety of contaminated chicken, Foster Farms has, again, emerged in the news as their Central California plant was closed as a result of cockroach infestation.

The previous problems associated with the chicken plant resulted in more than 400 people enduring illnesses associated with a chicken salmonella outbreak, which occurred last year.

The newest issue tied to Foster Farms has provoked food safety advocates to wonder if the salmonella outbreak and recall did anything to spark change among the Modesto plant.

In some situations where food borne illness erupts in the media, igniting recalls and illness among consumers, holding manufacturers and companies responsible for sickness and deaths is the only way to provoke change.

Consumers often have a false sense of safety that government entities and shopping chains would not allow food and other unsafe products to be available if they were not safe for purchase or consumption.

“The availability of products and foods does not automatically equate safety. Instead, some companies place their own bottom line above the health and wellness of consumers and their families, putting us in danger for enduring serious illness and injuries caused by bad products.”

According to a report published by the LA Times, the United States Department of Agriculture finally shut the plant down after finding the unsanitary conditions. Food safety advocates argued that the chicken plant should have been shut down when it was linked to salmonella contamination last year.

Although some types of food borne illness do not become serious, some people are affected on a more serious level, depending on their immune systems and health as well as the type of contamination affecting them and their food. While many victims of food poisoning are able to recover quickly, other victims require extensive medical treatment and some people even suffer injuries and illness that is so serious they are not able to recover.

If you’ve been struck ill as a result of a food borne illness and the irresponsibility of a food manufacturer or restaurant, call our food poisoning attorneys in San Antonio, Austin, Temple and statewide Texas at 800-359-5690. We care. We can help.


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