Collision Kills Two Girls in Dallas I-35 Accident

A car accident that occurred when a vehicle pulled over after running out of gas and was struck by another vehicle on I-35 in Dallas claimed the lives of two small girls on Wednesday, officials said.

According to police, the vehicle that ran out of gas contained seven people, all waiting for someone to bring gas after the vehicle ran out.

The young girls killed in the accident on I-35 in Dallas were identified as Tey-Onna Burnley, 4, and Nebriyah Bates, 1. Police were unsure about whether the girls were related. The five other people in the vehicle that was struck on I-35 were transported to the hospital with injuries they endured in the collision.

The vehicle that struck the smaller car contained two people, who were both treated for their injuries at the scene of the car crash in Dallas.

In addition to the lost lives of two small girls and injuries endured by other occupants in the vehicle, the accident on I-35 brings to light the importance of child safety seats and seat belt restraints. Officials reported that the children may not have been restrained properly at the time of the collision.

Although car accidents are dangerous for many parties involved, children are extremely vulnerable to injuries and death caused by auto collisions. While it is vital to have children restrained in child safety seats, making sure they are installed properly and seats are used at the proper height, weight and age levels is important to safeguarding young children from injuries caused by car accidents.

In some cases, where children are seriously injured or killed in accidents, defective car seats may be discovered as the root of lacking protection and accompanying injury. Some types of car seat defects that could be to blame for malfunctions that fail to protect children during auto accidents include:

If you or someone your child has been seriously injured or killed in an accident where their child restraint or young girls killed in the accident on I-35 in Dallas failed to protect them during a car accident, call our product liability attorneys in Austin, San Antonio and statewide Texas at 254-870-3621, contact our product liability lawyers online or visit one of the 11 office locations for our defective baby product attorneys in Texas for a free consultation today. We care. We can help.


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