Common motorcyle accidents and how to avoid them

Motorcycle accidents are among the most dangerous types of accidents. Every year, there are more motorcycles registered with over 8 million in the US. Along with the rising number of motorcycles, the injured and fatality rates rise as well, and car fatalities decline over time. About 5,000 motorcyclists die every year from being on the road and over 90,000 a year are injured.

As car engineers advance the structure and design of vehicles to make driving safer, motorcycles continue to be dangerous. It is important to know the common accidents and how to avoid them.


1. Cars crossing and turning in front of you

Drivers may turn in front of you after noticing an absence of vehicles. The driver could have not seen you or misjudged your speed because of your smaller size. To avoid this kind of accident, it is important for all riders to be extra aware and assume cars will pull out in front of them in such situations. If there is a gap in traffic and a car is patiently waiting, you should slow down and be prepared to take evasive action. A car simply waiting to turn or cross in front of a bike could quickly turn to a threat to his or her life.

2. Hitting potholes or patches of gravel

Hitting a spot in the road with no traction could send a motorist flying or sliding down the road into traffic. The only way to avoid this misfortune is to simply not hit anything. It is up to you to keep your speed at a pace where you can quickly react. It is important to go around corners wider in order to expand your vision to the upcoming road conditions.

3. A car changes lanes in front of you

Every vehicle has blind spots that cause car accidents. Motorists need to remember their size and be aware that many cars around them may not see them. It is up to you to get out of blind spots as quickly as possible. If you can’t see the driver’s eyes in the mirror, there is a chance they can’t see you. Watch for turn signals, moving tires and drivers checking their mirrors.

4. A car hits you from behind

The most common accidents happen when traffic is coming to a stop, even if it is a stoplight. It may seem out of your control, but it is crucial that you are aware of a car coming too quickly and having a place to pull off if one does appear to not notice a stop. A fender bender can kill a rider.

5. Drinking and riding

Just as drinking and driving kills people every day, 50 percent of motorcycle accidents have alcohol involved. Riding a motorcycle involves a lot of careful attention and skill. Drinking alcohol can impair your ability to avoid these accidents and other dangerous situations.

These are just some of the common accidents that takes the lives of motorists every day. Part of being a motorcyclist is understanding that something so simple could turn serious in seconds.

Although there are many things you can do to avoid an accident, some aren’t avoidable. Cars and motorcycles don’t always mix well and you could find yourself in a very dangerous situation even while being a responsible rider. It is the responsibility for cars to be aware of other cars as well as motorists. If you or a loved one was injured or killed on a motorcycle because of another vehicle’s negligence,contact an attorney. The Carlson Law Firm has personal injury attorneys that can see if you have a case and help. Ride safe.


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