Contract Worker Killed in Texas Construction Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 19-Aug-2011

A Texas Department of Transportation (TDOT) contract worker was hit and killed while directing traffic Wednesday, in Jasper County, authorities said. Twenty-three-year-old Michael Lorie flew almost 30 feet after an SUV collided with him in a construction zone on Farm Road 105, south of Evadale. Lorie died on the shoulder where he descended. The driver of the vehicle that struck him sustained no serious injuries, state troopers said.

“We are always preaching the message of being careful in a work zone,” TDOT representative, Marc Shepherd said. “The first thing that ought to come up in your mind when you come to a work zone is ‘I have to slow down and I have to be ready for a worker.'”

Safety on the roads of Texas involve much more than merely watching for other drivers, as exhibited by the death of Lorie. Drivers should be cautious of pedestrians, other vehicles and workers operating in areas near and around roads and highways.

“All of a sudden, a car came by and hit the man right in the middle of the vehicle and just kept going,” accident witness, Robert Mizell said. Mizell was interviewed by officials along with other witnesses at the scene. Once additional evidence is gathered, applicable charges may be filed, authorities said.

In 2009 alone, as many as 4,340 work injuries resulted in fatalities, the National Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries notes. Nineteen percent of those fatalities took place among workers in the construction industry.

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