Coryell County approves speed limit reductions

Coryell County has approved reduced speed limits on most county roads, partly in response to an accident that took the life of a Copperas Cove High School student last May.

According to the County Commissioners’ Court, the newly approved limits will range from 15-45 mph, depending on the road.

Last May, 15-year-old Cameron Raine was hit and killed after he ran into the path of an oncoming car while waiting at a school bus stop on Cactus Lane. According to police, the car that struck the teen was driving 55 mph. The driver was not cited for the incident.

Commissioners have lowered the speed limit on that road to 30 mph.

Raines’ death motivated his friends and family to gather signatures and petition the court to make this change. Previously, the speed limit on county roads was a state-mandated 60 mph.

Texas state law allows counties to reduce speed limits to as low as 30 mph through a series of public hearings before county officials.

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