Cruise Ship Norovirus Sickens More Than 600 Passenegers

Another cruise ship, plagued by disaster and illness, left as many as 600 passengers and more than 50 cruise ship workers sick. The Carnival Cruise line estimates as many as 1000 people may have been affected by the cruise ship illness, identified as possible norovirus.

Categorized by gastrointestinal symptoms, including vomiting and diarrhea, norovirus spreads very easily, making cruise ships filled with hundreds of passengers and crew members the perfect place for the virus to take flight.

As a result of the cruise ship norovirus outbreak, the Carnival ship was brought back to shore earlier than planned. Many passengers were forced to make different arrangements to get home two days earlier than they had originally planned.

The Carnival cruise ship left from Cape Liberty, New Jersey, company officials told CNN. The ship traveled to St. Thomas and then headed back to New Jersey following the cruise sickness. The cruise was supposed to be ten days long, Carnival said.

Some passengers and crew members were quarantined while on the cruise, the company said. Those passengers will received credit for each day they were quarantined.

Several facts can affect the contraction and spreading of illnesses, such as Norovirus, in a setting like a cruise ship. Some of those factors include:

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