Dallas Bicyclist Injury Sparks Bike Lane Safety Controversy

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 17-Jan-2012

A bicycle accident south of downtown Dallas left the bicyclist seriously injured after he was struck by a vehicle on a Jefferson Boulevard bridge.

The bicyclist, 32-year-old Dallas Torres, a resident of Oak Cliff, was taking part in his routine 40-mile bike trek around Dallas when a vehicle smashed into him, breaking his neck. He was transported to Baylor University Medical Center.

But despite the serious injuries endured by Torres, bicyclists across the city say the accident highlights the dangers associated with the bridge, which was due for improvements before the City of Dallas ran out of money to improve the bike lanes with re-striping.

Until recently, the bicycle lane improvements, were slated as a priority in Dallas, a project which would have improved the safety for bicyclists like Torres. Bicycle safety advocates fear the serious bicycle accident in Dallas may not be the last, if improvements to not regain priority and funds do not become available.

Although the City of Dallas may have run out of money necessary for re-striping the bike lanes across as much as 840 miles, some bicycle advocacy groups across the city have begun to take their safety into their own hands, struggling to fund the project by raising money.

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