Dallas House Fire Kills Resident After Firefighters Leave

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 21-Feb-2012

A Dallas house fire left a man dead after firefighters left the scene when smoke was reported by neighbors, officials said.

According to reports, neighbors begged firefighters not to leave the scene of the Texas apartment fire when officials arrived initially. Fire crew members said they knocked on various doors of the apartments when smoke was reported, but left soon after when they found no fire.

Apartment resident 58-year-old Byron Forester was pronounced dead at the scene of the house fire in Dallas.

Authorities are still looking into what may have sparked the blaze that left Forester dead.

House fires are more common during cooler winter months because of the increased use of heater and other appliances that can sometimes spark a fire. Defective products and appliances can create unsafe conditions, creating sparks when we may least expect them and giving us little time to react.

Additionally, drier Texas conditions can make it easy for fires to spread if defective appliances or faulty heaters ignite flames.

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