Dumas Man Critically Injured in Four-Wheeler ATV Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 19-Sep-2011

A four-wheeler accident along the Canadian River, Sunday afternoon, resulted in the injury of an 18-year-old Dumas man, Potter County Sheriff officials said.

Riding along the river, the man hit uneven terrain, flipping the four-wheeler on top of himself, authorities said.

Transported by a Lifestar helicopter to Northwest Texas Hospital, the man endured emergency surgery for critical injuries. His identity has not yet been released, officials said.

Four Wheeler ATV Injury Causes

Since their introduction, four-wheel All Terrain Vehicles (ATV) have experienced extreme popularity among consumers. But while the four-wheeled version of the vehicles is much safer than its three-wheeled predecessor, the speed, power and diverse surfaces they are operated on produce an increased risk of rollover accidents.

Riders can experience injury or death caused by rolled over four wheeler ATV that sometimes crush drivers or even by being throw from the vehicle into rough terrain or trees. Drivers who endure four-wheeler ATV accident sometimes experience:

•· Crushed bones

•· Fractures

•· Spinal cord injuries

•· Brain injuries

•· Paralysis

•· Lost limbs

Manufacturing and design defects are sometimes to blame for failing to protect four wheeler riders during excursion. Overly hot parts can burn the arms, legs and other body parts of ATV riders. Additionally, four-wheeler design flaws put drivers at a high risk for rollovers, which can crush riders and leave them severely injured.

Mounting deaths and injuries associated with four-wheeler ATV accidents and rollovers have provoked heated debates regarding the need for new regulations. One such proposal is the addition of rollover bars. Although crush protection devices may not diminish all injuries and deaths caused by ATV accidents, officials say they may reduce such numbers. Researchers and safety advocates continue to push for increased protection safe guards, though no new regulations regarding protection devices on ATV vehicles have emerged.

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