Elderly Man Killed in Pedestrian Accident Identified

An elderly man was struck and killed while walking through his neighborhood, on Knoll Crest in a San Antonio pedestrian accident in late February police revealed.

Authorities identified the man as 79-year-old Richard Stansbery, who was struck by a vehicle police described as a gray Dodge pickup truck.

The driver of the pickup failed to stop and render aid after striking Stansbery. Police are still searching for that driver and any additional information that may help aid their accident investigation.

The pickup truck’s driver, reportedly, drove up on the curb, hitting Stansbery. Police are still investigating the details associated.

Pedestrian accidents can be deadly for the victims who endure them because of the lacking protection and major size difference between vehicles and people and cyclists. In many situations where a walker, jogger or cyclist has been struck by a driver, getting them immediate medical attention is imperative. As a result, remaining at the scene of the crash is vital to ensuring the proper authorities are contacted and emergency crew is notified and able to help and offer adequate medical attention and treatment.

Failing to remain at the scene of a pedestrian or auto accident in Texas can have serious repercussions for both the offender and the victim who was struck by a car.

If you’ve lost a loved one because of the negligence of another driver, call our auto accident lawyers in San Antonio immediately for a free case evaluation. Because of the time-sensitive nature of accidents and the evidence that is necessary to proving a case and developing the facts surrounding, contacting help as soon as possible is vital. While not every situation may make taking pictures, gathering names and compiling important facts possible, grasping as much information as possible as quickly as one can, can be helpful to a personal injury victim’s case and their ability to tell their story. We care. We can help.


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