Family Files Civil Lawsuit Against Employer of Man Who Fled I-35 Crash

Mediation Scheduled for Wrongful Death Case Filed Against NH 3 and Joseph Crowder

WACO, Texas — Mediation has been scheduled for May 29 to settle the wrongful death claim that the family of Jim Bowser filed against Joseph Crowder and his former employer, NH 3 Services. The family is seeking an undisclosed amount for what the lawsuit alleges was wrongful conduct in the company’s hiring and training of Crowder.

The lawsuit stems from a July 2017 crash in which Crowder’s Ford F-150 launched the Ford Fiesta Jim Bowser and his wife were driving into a guardrail on Interstate 35 near Waco. In a statement to police, Crowder says he was searching for a pack of cigarettes when he failed to notice traffic at a standstill. The crash left Bowser and his wife with significant injuries. While his wife is still recovering, Bowser died from his injuries 11 days after the crash.

In the suit, the family alleges that Crowder’s employer, refrigeration business, NH 3 Services was negligent in its training, supervision, and entrustment of the vehicle to Crowder. The suit also alleges Crowder was negligent and disregarded the safety of other drivers.

In addition to the lawsuit, Crowder is currently facing felony criminal charges for fleeing the scene of the crash. Early news reports indicate that Crowder left the scene on foot because he was afraid of losing his job. Crowder is currently incarcerated and awaiting trial on those charges.

The family’s attorney, Carlson Law Firm’s Dominic Braus, is hoping to resolve the case at mediation, but is fully prepared to take the case to trial—currently set for Aug. 13 in Waco’s 414th District Court.

“This is a terrible and preventable tragedy for this family. While we recognize no amount of money can make up for the loss of a father and husband, legal remedies provide families closure by holding negligent parties accountable,” Braus said.

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