Daycare allegedly used mask From “SAW” films to Scare Children, Family sues for $1 million

Family Retains Carlson Law Firm Attorney to File Lawsuit on Behalf  of Three-Year-Old Boy Assaulted at Cradles to Crayons

LUBBOCK, Texas — Attorneys representing a minor and his family have uncovered chilling evidence in a Lubbock, Texas case concerning daycare abuse. As part of an investigation, Carlson Law Firm Attorney Stacy Schroeder found that in addition to its history of child abuse allegations, staff at the daycare Cradles to Crayons were using a replica of the Jigsaw mask from “Saw” to scare children as young as three years old. The case has been unfolding in Lubbock courts over the last two years.

The Gonzales family began noticing behavioral changes in their son after the 2016 assault and began taking him to therapy. However, it was only after several therapy sessions did the family learn that employees at the daycare were using the Jigsaw mask from the “Saw” movie franchise to torment their child and others. He has sketched the mask, and described having nightmares about it. The family is seeking $1 million for the physical pain and suffering of their child, as well as mental anguish stemming from the incident for the child and his parents.

The boy, now six, continues to suffer from night terrors and other behavioral issues stemming from the assault and tormenting.

In addition to terrorizing the children with the Jigsaw mask, the suit alleges that in January 2016, employee Valerie Martinez violently shook a child causing physical pain. Surveillance video shows Martinez drag the child off camera by the arm. Minutes later, the child’s mother walked into the room as the assault was happening and removed her child from the situation.

Shortly after the incident, the daycare called the police. The 911 phone call transcript confirms the dispatch operator was told that Martinez had been fired on the spot. However, during a deposition, the daycare owner, Pam Taylor, said the employee was never fired. Additionally, Taylor did not report the incident to DFPS until a month and a half after the incident happened and the lawsuit was filed.

Prior to the assault on Gonzales’ son, Martinez was fired for slamming a baby down, but was rehired a few days later. In a similar act, after the incident with Gonzales’ son, Martinez was rehired at Cradles to Crayons within a month.

Cradles to Crayons has a series of incidents that allege abuse from caregivers in the facility, according to the Department of Family and Protective Services investigation history with this daycare. Accusations range from verbal abuse to slapping children. The director, Taylor, fired an employee in 2015 for slapping a child in her care.

“We believe this is an important case for the Lubbock Community. Nothing comes before our children’s safety and well-being. Our team at The Carlson Law Firm is committed to protecting children like this three-year-old from these atrocities and lending a voice to those who would otherwise be left voiceless.”

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