Family Sues Military Contractor After U.S. Soldier Killed

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 17-Jul-2012

A family of a soldier who was killed by an Afghani security guard is suing a military contractor, claiming the man who killed their son, an Afghanistan national, who was hired by the contractors to provide security, had previously threatening to attack U.S. military members.

Despite the previous threats made by the security guard, the contracting company, allegedly, rehired the man. The Afghani security guard, identified as Shir Ahmed, later attacked military members stationed at Forward Operating Base Frontenac.

Now, the family of the 19-year-old soldier from Santa Clarita, California, are taking a stand against what they believe to be carelessness in regards to hiring practices that put their son in danger.

According to the suit, Ahmed was fired by Tundra Strategies when he was accused of threatening U.S. and coalition military members. Despite the reasons for his previous firing, Ahmed was rehired in 2011.

The family claimed that rehiring Ahmed after his alleged threats was a danger to troops and that their son’s death could have been prevented. Instead, the negligence of the military contractor put their son in immediate danger and resulted in his death.

Days after Ahmed was rehired, he attacked military members, opening fire on them, using a gun issued by the military contractors, as troops cleaned their weapons for an upcoming mission. Three other troops were injured in the attack.

Ahmed was killed by U.S. troops who fired back.

While dangers accompany military members in a war zone and while serving our country on deployments, military contractors and civilian contracting companies have a responsibility to take special care with the employees they hire, including foreign employees. While providing support for U.S. Army and other military members, hiring practices, such as screening possible dangers, is vital to protecting other civilian contractors as well as troops as they fulfill their missions.

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