FDA Issues Warning Regarding Acetaminophen Danger

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 16-Jan-2014

Although Tylenol and Acetaminophen have been under the scrutiny of safety advocates for its role in liver complications and Steven’s Johnson Syndrome, a condition that affects the skin, the Food and Drug Administration announced a warning regarding high doses of the drug this week.

While Acetaminophen is used in drugs like Percocet and Vicodin for pain relief, it is most known as an ingredient in the popular pain reliever: Tylenol. Despite its availability over the counter, when used in high doses, the drug can be deadly for adults, infants and children alike.

While the warning emitted by the FDA does not directly affect over the counter drugs, like Tylenol, the administration has vowed to address over the counter drugs containing the ingredient, in future correspondence regarding Acetaminophen.

Tylenol has previously made news in its role in some infant deaths and cases of severe illness. Although there was much confusion tied to liquid Tylenol and infant drops, families continue to suffer from confusion that has sometimes led to infant Tylenol over dose. In some cases, parents were giving infants double the amount of the drug, often used to manage fever and pain, as a result of the product mix up.

In addition to dosage mix-ups affecting children and infants, Tylenol has also be tied to Steve’s Johnson Syndrome, prompting a warning late last summer regarding the risks. The reaction to the drug, which some victims have reported, affects the skin, leaving some covered in burns covering their entire bodies or portions of it. Some reports of blindness have also been linked to Acetaminophen. Other skin conditions have also been associated with the over the counter pain reliever.

Liver damaged tied to the drug recently provoked the FDA to announce warnings and new guidelines governing the recommended amounts. Warning labels should express these new guidelines.

Though consumers often assume product available over the counter are safe, bad products with inadequate warning labels, poor ingredients, negligent designs and defective manufacturing put adults and children at risk every single day.

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