Fed Ex Driver Killed in Truck Accident in San Antonio

A Fed Ex driver was killed in a San Antonio truck accident that caused his truck to erupt in flames on Tuesday, police reported.

The unidentified driver was traveling on Loop 410 when the truck accident in San Antonio occurred. According to police reports, the driver struck a pillar near the roadway. The truck exploded in flames, which quickly spread from the cab of the Fed Ex truck to the rest of the vehicle. The driver was pronounced dead at the scene of the Fed Ex accident.

Authorities identified the Fed Ex driver as Pflugerville resident, 39-year-old Brandon Joseph Biagas.

Witnesses told officials Biagas was swerving in the roadway prior to striking the pillar. Authorities are investigating whether the driver may have been falling asleep or drowsy while driving. The pillar endured damage as a result of the crash and fire, which followed the initial collision.

As a result of the San Antonio crash officials were forced to shut down some of the lanes and portions of Loop 410.

The cab of the truck did not belong to Fed Ex, instead police believe a contractor owns the cab of the truck.

The complexities of truck accidents make it even more vital to seek help during the initial aftermath of a collision, whether other vehicles are involved or whether the accident that occurred was a single vehicle crash.

Different portions and parts of a truck may be owned, managed and maintained by different companies and entities, making different parties and thorough investigation necessary to uncovered who is liable and responsible for compensating victims for the death, loss and injuries resulting.

While there are multiple parties that may be linked to a truck or commercial vehicles, quickly beginning the investigation process is imperative to uncovering important information and data before it fades from the roads, is repaired or disappears.

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