Fiery Rollover Accident in Jefferson County Kills at Least Three

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 7-Mar-2012

A single-vehicle rollover accident on Highway 124 in Jefferson County may have killed as many as three people, police reported.

Department of Public Safety officials said the vehicle appeared to have lost control, overturning before erupting into flames on Highway 124 near FM 365.

Police have not yet identified the victims of the Jefferson County car accident and are continuing to investigate what may have caused the driver of the car to lose control of the vehicle. Because fire was involved, officials are still trying to identify the victims as well as clarify the number of people that may have been killed in the fiery wreck in Texas.

Fires in vehicles can be caused by a variety of malfunctions, defects and design flaws in the car and it’s equipment. Whether sparked by an electrical fire in the dashboard region of a vehicle or because of defects in the fuel lines or fuel tank, vehicle fires can be deadly.

The type of gas tank and the way a manufacturer has chosen to design the tank as well as the location of the gas tank on the vehicle are all vital components that can cause a fire to ensue, especially during an accident or collision. Additionally, the material comprising the gas tank is also an important factor for safety.

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