Five-Year-Old Injured in Rollover Accident on I-10

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 30-Jan-2013

An I-10 rollover accident left a 5-year-old passenger injured on Tuesday afternoon when high winds outside Vinton caused the driver of the vehicle to lose control, provoking a rollover.

Police have not released the name of the young girl who was injured in the Vinton rollover crash but revealed that the she was transported to University Medical Center for the treatment of injuries she endured in the single-vehicle accident. She was most recently listed in stable condition.

Although the accident is still being investigated by officials, police do not believe that alcohol or speed were a factor in the crash.

Although many different factors may lead to a rollover, such as overcorrection, loss of control, vehicle malfunction and even becoming tripped up on uneven surfaces or objects, vehicles are designed to protect occupants from serious injuries.

The roof of cars, trucks and SUV’s are designed and manufactured to protect the vulnerable space between an occupant’s head and neck and the roof of the vehicle, even as it rolls, withstanding the impact. Standards governing auto makers have improved over the past years, requiring roofs to withstand greater weights and impacts than they previously did. But despite improving standards, not all roofs protect drivers and passengers as they should, leaving them open to serious head and neck injuries resulting from rollover accidents.

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