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The Carlson Law Firm Gives Back to 200 Families Just Ahead of Holiday Season

The Carlson Law Firm recently took community engagement to a new level by surprising 200 families at the Killeen Food Care Center with essential warm clothing items and gift cards. On Nov. 7, the firm demonstrated its commitment to Killeen residents by providing necessary goods and monetary support.

In addition to the typical food provisions, the firm offered special bags containing winter essentials like beanies, socks, gloves, and a $25 Visa gift card. The firm also distributed enjoyable items, including teddy bears, books, assorted toys, puzzles, and personal care products – all of which could also serve as Christmas gifts. This contribution reflects the firm’s values and its solid support for the local community.

“The community’s surprise and gratitude were evident as we handed out the $25 Visa gift cards and necessary clothing,” said Craig Carlson, Managing Partner. He highlighted the importance of the gesture, emphasizing that such actions are significant beyond the physical warmth they provide, signaling a commitment to meaningful community support.

The firm’s volunteers fostered a sense of fellowship as they connected with individuals and families, offering not just material items but also the reassurance of a supportive community. The firm’s actions served as a reminder to Killeen’s residents that they have support and are not alone.

“We aim to make a difference and be a reliable support system for our community,” Carlson said. “Today was about showing our commitment to our neighbors’ well-being. We hope to meet immediate needs and communicate our firm’s dedication to the families we serve.”

These efforts showcase The Carlson Law Firm’s understanding that its role extends beyond legal advice and courtrooms to foster a stronger community through acts of kindness and support. By equipping local families with necessary items and financial assistance, the firm continues to demonstrate its compassion for justice and people.

“We pride ourselves on being active community members,” said Lisa Griffin, Chief Operating Officer. “Beyond being advocates in the courtroom, we take real actions that lift up those around us. By being here today, we hope those who came can see our ongoing commitment to community involvement.”

As the firm looks forward to continuing its support for the community, the message to the people of Killeen is clear: The Carlson Law Firm is not just a provider of legal services but a true partner in fostering a community where every member can feel supported and valued.

The Carlson Law Firm

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