Ford Recalls 154K Fiestas for Bad Air Bags

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 16-Oct-2012

Ford announced recently announced another round of recalls after 2011-2013 Ford Fiestas were discovered to have bad air bags, a potentially dangerous auto defect that could affect some of the more than 154,000 Fiesta owners.

While this particular re call only includes those year model Ford Fiestas, the recall comes following a string of Ford auto recalls that have occurred over the past few years.

The Ford Fiesta defects follow on the heels of the serious issues involving hundreds of thousands of Ford Escapes for engine bay fire risks and unintended acceleration.

The string of problems that have emerged in the news have sparked questions by consumers and safety advocates regarding the focus of vehicle safety within the auto industry. Why are so many auto defects occurring? Headlines highlight the length of time it takes some vehicle manufacturers to actually announce a problem and a solution for a hazard or address safety problems occurring with defective auto equipment.

In some situations, most recently the announcement involving defective Toyota window switches, vehicles are not recalled until years after a problem may have been detected, injuries reported and accidents resulting.

During a crash, many airbags are program to deploy, even if the passenger seat is empty, providing protection for passengers in the rear of the vehicle.

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