Ford Vehicles Plagued By Tire Tread Separation Recalls

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 5-Sep-2011


Although Ford endured criticism years ago in the wake of the infamous Firestone tire recall, affecting thousands of their vehicles sporting the faulty equipment, the car manufacturer has continued to experience issues accompanying poorly made tires.

Continental Tires recalled almost 400,000 tires, at risk of tire tread separation, earlier this year: a recall affecting Ford F-series trucks and Explorer SUV’s. Approximately 65,000 Ford vehicles are affected by the defective tires, which have been shown to wear unevenly, sparking tread separation, vibration and problems that are especially concerning when tires are overloaded, underinflated or used in high temperature conditions, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

“I wrecked my Ford F250 because of a front tire blowout on a Continental tire,” Ford customer Fred Mehler said. “The left tire blew out while pulling a fifth wheel trailer, causing the truck and trailer to crash into a concrete guard rail.” Mehler’s truck and trailer were both totaled as a result.

According to NHTSA, almost 330,000 of the recalled tires were used as original equipment on 2008 and 2009 Ford F-series trucks, with remaining tires in question sold as replacements.

What is Tire Tread Separation?

In defective tires, tire tread separation results when the tread becomes detached from the surrounding tire, provoking loss of control by drivers and often sparking rollovers that result in serious injuries, and even death. Risks, when tire tread separation occurs, are even more dangerous when vehicles are moving at particularly high speeds, on highways and interstates. Trucks and SUV’s, like the Ford Trucks and Explorer affected by the Continental recall, have high risk of rollovers as a result of tire tread separation, making dangerous defects even more serious.

When blowouts occur on rear tires because of tire tread separation, vehicles are at an increased risk for control loss and serious injuries resulting.

The tires affected by the Continental recall include:

  • CONTINENTAL / CONTITRAC / LT275/70R18 125/122S

Tire Defect Product Liability Attorneys in Texas

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