Fort Hood Soldier Killed in Copperas Cove Motorcycle Accident

A Fort Hood soldier died after enduring serious injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident in Copperas Cover on April 13, 2012, police said.

Police identified the 26-yar-old Delmare, New York native as Specialist Cory Kendall Pieper.

Although Pieper was the only person involved in the Copperas Cove motorcycle, police are still investigating what may have caused the crash that killed him.

As motorcycles crowd Central Texas with an increased number of soldiers and family members in the area, motorcycle accidents in Fort Hood have become a prevalent problem. Drivers and motorcyclists alike my take care to make sure they are visible to one another and regarding posted speeds and signage among roadways.

Although motorcycle accidents are sometimes the result of the negligence of riders and drivers alike, they can also be linked to motorcycle defects. Like vehicles, motorcycles are not immune from some of the plagues that affect the auto industry. Poor motorcycle design and motorcycle defects can leave riders vulnerable to serious injuries and death.

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