Four Injured in Mercedes, Texas Rollover Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 23-Jan-2013

Four people were injured in a rollover accident in Mercedes, Texas when their pickup truck was struck by an SUV, causing the truck to overturn on FM 491 Wednesday morning, police reported.

Three of the occupants injured in the crash were children. The fourth person injured in the FM 491 rollover crash was the father and driver of the pickup truck.

Police are still investigating the scene of the rollover accident in Mercedes, Texas.

Rollover Accident Attorneys in Austin, Tx

Although rollover accidents are sometimes caused when a vehicle becomes tripped up on a surface, or even another vehicle, sometimes, inadequate equipment in a vehicle can either provoke injuries in and of themselves or fail to protect occupants from injuries.

Vehicle manufacturers and designers have the data and information necessary to help protect occupants from serious head injuries, neck injuries and back injuries caused by roof crush. Even the glass comprising the windows in a vehicle can be an important factor in protecting passengers and drivers from vehicle ejection.

In some circumstances where occupants of a vehicle that have endured a serious accident, such as a rollover, auto manufacturers may be held liable for inadequacies and defects leading to injury and death.

If you’ve been injured in a Texas auto accident as a result of auto defects or equipment that failed to protect you or your loved ones in a car crash, call our auto product liability attorneys in Austin, San Antonio, Waco and statewide Texas at 800-359-5690, contact our Texas auto defect lawyers online or visit one of the 10 office locations for our personal injury law firm in Austin and across the state for a free initial consultation. We care. We can help.


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