Four Injured in Milan County Rollover Accident

Four people were injured in a rollover car accident in Milam County Friday, police said, when the driver of an SUV overcorrected, overturning on the bridge.

Officials identified the victims of the rollover accident as Alexandria Perez, 19, Christa Pelzel, 19, Jose Montelongo, 13 and Andrew Perez, 14. Alexandria Perez, Pelzel and Montelongo were all transported to Scott & White McClane Children’s Hospital via helicopter.

Andrew Perez was transported to Richards Memorial Hospital in Rockdale via ground ambulance, officials said.

According to police, the accident occurred on FM 908 near Rockdale.

By Tuesday, three of the injured car accident victims had been released from the hospital.

Rollover accidents can leave victims wondering what they could have done differently and family members mulling over what caused such an accident. While some cases of rollover accidents may involve excessive speeds or the influence of drugs or alcohol, in some circumstances, rollover accidents involving serious injuries might have been prevented with the implementation of quality auto products that are designed to keep occupants within a vehicle and protect the vulnerable portions of their body.

Ejection is a common occurrence in rollover accidents. Although ejection is can sometimes be linked to the failure by occupants to use seat belts and restraints. On the other hand, some injuries and deaths caused by ejection from a rolling vehicle can be linked to defects in the seatbelts, clasps and materials. In addition, defective glass may leave drivers and passengers in a rollover accident vulnerable to ejection through windows and sun roofs.

The design and materials comprising the roof of a vehicle can also be an important risk factor related to an automobile’s safety. Defective roof pillars that fail to safeguard the protective space between an occupant’s head and the roof of the vehicle can also result in serious brain injuries, head injuries, neck injuries and spine injuries.

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