Four Killed in Deadly New Mexico Head-On Collision on US 550

A head-on collision in New Mexico left a Texas family dead over the weekend, when a truck slammed into their vehicle on U.S. 550, officials reported. The car accident occurred on Friday evening, police said.

The family was identified as 47-year-old Michael Miller, 48-year-old Leann Miller and their two children, Zoey, 12 and Miles, 7. The family was from Argyle. Texas, police said.

Police believe that only Mr. Miller was wearing a seatbelt at the time of the head-on collision on U.S. 550, south of Bloomfield, New Mexico.

The driver of the truck that crashed into the family’s car was identified as 24-year-old Brian Lee. According to news reports, Lee became fatigued while traveling and lost control of his Ford pickup truck, swerving into the opposite lane of traffic.

All four of the family members were pronounced dead at the scene of the New Mexico car accident. Lee was transported to the hospital with injuries that, police said, did not appear to be life threatening.

Our thoughts are prayers are with the loved ones of the Miller family.

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