Four Killed in Refugio, Texas Car Accident

An auto accident involving at least three vehicles in Corpus Christi left four people dead on Monday night when one of the vehicle hydroplaned outside of Refugio, Texas.

At least 12 people total occupied the three vehicles. Additional passengers and occupants were injured in the Texas car accident but authorities said they were expected to recover from their injuries.

The vehicle that hydroplaned, sparking the multi-vehicle collision, was identified as a Chevrolet Suburban. Police said the Suburban smashed into a Ford Mustang. A Nissan Altima was also involved in the crash. Two of the people who were killed in the Southern Texas crash were occupants in the Ford Mustang.

Car Accident Attorneys in Texas

Holiday weekends bring an influx of auto traffic filling the roads and highways. And despite the convenience of traveling by car, extra traffic coupled with adverse weather and road conditions can be deadly without proper care and attention by drivers. Traveling at safe speeds is a vital factor that can offer drivers adequate time to react to other vehicles, debris and road conditions.

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