Four people died in private plane crash

According to news sources, a private plane crashed near the Tupelo airport close to 9 a.m. Monday morning killing all four people on board, including the pilot.

The plane is a six-seat aircraft registered to a company in Texas and could have mechanically failed according to the police chief. At least two victims were from Kerrville, Texas.

The plane was registered to passenger Henry L. Jackson, known as Jack Jackson to his family and friends. He and his wife, as well as another couple were on board the aircraft during the crash according to long-time pilot, Harry Cook who was in Texas and was asked to identify who was on the plane.

The plane crashed in a wooded area and no other structures were damaged according to fire officials.

The plane was fully loaded with fuel and heading to Virginia. The pilot reported smoke in the cockpit before the crash, and the type of crash caused the plane to burst into flames.

All plane crashes fall under federal jurisdiction. The scene has been secured and is awaiting federal officials for investigation.

“This is just speculation on my part; this is not any type of official source. You’re typically talking about some type of mechanical issue,” said Tupelo Mayor Jason Shelton.

Plane crashes and mechanical issues

Small plane accidents can often be fatal for the occupants within them, no matter how experienced the pilot. While the maintenance of a plane and the expertise of pilots is an imperative factor in the safety of plane occupants, the maintenance of a plane is equally important. The upkeep owners and companies place into a plane can help protect occupants or leave them vulnerable to serious injuries and death.

Plane crashes and lawsuits

In the event a plane crash is caused by a mechanical issue, sometimes it takes investigation to find who is at fault. Many parties are involved with the manufacturing and maintaining of planes. The investigations and legal issues can be complicated, making it best to contact an experienced plane crash attorney. At The Carlson Law Firm, we have a team of attorneys experienced in cases similar to this one and have the resources to gain justice for the powerless victims that lost their lives.


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