Four Texas Teens Killed by Drunk Driver

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 23-Aug-2011

Four Texas teens, ages 19 to 22, were killed Sunday when a 19-year-old drunk driver smashed into their vehicle at an intersection, city officials said. According to police, the intoxicated driver, Robert Castillo was not hurt in the wreck and ran from the crash scene into a nearby mobile home park. Castillo has been charge with previous alcohol related offenses, police said.

The four Brenham residents, 20-year old Imelda Yajaira-Sukey Duran, 22-year-old Rachel Ann Dominquez and 19-year-old Ronald Barrios Mendez and Gonzales Delgado were killed instantly when their vehicle was hit by Castillo’s truck as they exited a private driveway at 1:30 am. Two of the victims had a two-year-old child together.

Castillo’s is being held at $2 million bail, although an immigration hold is also in place to insure he does not attempt to flee the country, should he post bail, authorities said.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) the average drunk driver has driven while intoxicated as many at 87 times before they are ever arrested. One in three people will be involved in a crash that involves alcohol at some point in their lives, MADD adds, making it imperative to protect you and your loved ones with defensive driving practices and safety on the road. So how do drivers shield themselves, friends and family while on busy roads inhabited by intoxicated drivers?

Although drivers can’t control the actions of every other vehicle on the road, being aware of surroundings and paying close attention to the highways and streets ahead can highlight danger more quickly. In addition, it is imperative to plan ahead when alcohol consumption is on the agenda.

If drivers or their passengers notice dangerous behaviors on roads nearby or ahead of them, proceed with caution. Swerving, erratic or unusually slow speeds, tailgating and driving on the wrong side of the road are just some actions that drivers should notice and report. Call 911 and report incidents that appear to be unsafe and keep haphazard drivers, sharing the road, at a distance.

If you or a loved one has been injured in a drunk driving accident, contact a lawyer who is committed to providing exceptional legal representation and signature customer service. For a free consultation with the experienced lawyers of The Carlson Law Firm or contact an attorney online.

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