Franklin Man Ejected In Bryan Rollover

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 13-Feb-2012

A single-vehicle rollover accident on Texas Highway 6 left a Franklin man seriously injured early Sunday morning, officials said.

According to reports, 31-year-old Chad Wolfe lost control of his SUV, causing it to rollover near Bryan, Texas. Police said he was ejected from his vehicle as a result of the Texas rollover accident.

Wolfe apparently lost control of his SUV as he approached the highway from Holleman Drive, rolling across the southbound lanes of the highway before coming to a rest.

No other vehicles were involved in the rollover accident, authorities noted. Wolfe was the only occupant in the SUV at the time of the Texas rollover accident.

SUV’s carry a specific risk of rolling over because of the high center of gravity that leaves them more vulnerable for overturning during an accident or as a result of loss of control. Data and research highlight the risks associated with SUV’s when it comes to flipping. But despite information emerging, manufacturer sometimes abide by the minimal requirements of the NHTSA. While meeting standards, some auto manufacturers could, potentially save lives, by spending mere pennies on improving safety equipment.

During a rollover accident, vehicle equipment should keep occupants within a vehicle, preventing ejection. Seatbelts and auto glass should keep drivers and passengers restrained within. Laminated glass is designed to keep occupants within the car with a protective film that is maintained despite broken glass. Additionally, seatbelts with defective latches, or poorly comprised materials can fail to restrain during the severe impact of a rollover accident.

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