Girl Endures Burn Injuries in Fiery ATV Rollover Accident in Texas

An ATV accident in Royse City left one girl with serious injuries over the weekend when the all terrain vehicle flipped, pinning the young girl beneath it. When a man tried to free the girl from beneath the ATV, the vehicle erupted in flames, leaving the girl with serious burns.

Police identified the young victim as 11-year-old Keylee Latham, a resident of Martin’s Mill.

The man who had tried to help free the girl from under the ATV helped extinguish the flames from Latham’s body by patting them out while family rushed to the girl.

As a result of the ATV rollover, Latham is currently in critical condition with serious burn injuries caused by the vehicle fire.

Officials say Latham may remain in the burn unit at the hospital where she is being treated for as long as three more months.

ATV Accident Lawyers in Texas | Four Wheeler Rollover Attorneys

While ATV’s can be an exciting recreational activity when used with proper supervision, some types of vehicles may fail to protect occupants, should they overturn. Although cages are known to prevent some of the injuries associated with ATV rollovers, some manufacturers fail to outfit their vehicles with cages that could be life saving for some victims.

By some standards, knowing what equipment could save lives and continuing to manufacturer products without those features is irresponsible, to some, leaving less informed consumers at risk for serious injuries should their vehicles roll. In addition, should an accident occur, vehicle should protect against injury, not erupt in flames.

While family and friends may feel guilt and shame in the aftermath of an accident that leaves a loved one with injuries, some instances may have been prevented with adherence to proper standards and safety recommendations. Providing consumers with safety vehicles and products should be of the upmost importance to companies and manufacturers selling products across the nation. Companies who fail to provide consumers with safe products should be held accountable for the injuries and loss associated with preventable accidents and loss.

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