GM Recalls over 4M vehicles for malfunctioning airbag software

GM is recalling more than 4 million vehicles worldwide, 3.6 million of which are in the U.S., for airbags that may not deploy in the event of a crash.

According to the auto maker, in rare cases the car’s sensing and diagnostic module can go into test mode, causing it to malfunction. The tiny computer senses what the vehicle is doing and controls airbag deployment. If this sensor malfunctions, front air bags won’t inflate in a crash and seat belts might not work either.

The company discovered the defect back in May and has been investigating an unspecified amount of crashes over the summer.

So far, the defect has been linked to 1 death and 3 injuries.

Affected models include:

GM will notify customers and update the software for free. Dealers already have access to the update so repairs shouldn’t take long since the repair involves a software update, rather than a mechanical change.

What A Personal Injury Lawyer Can Do For You

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