Graco Recalls Millions of Car Seats for Buckle

A Graco recall involving the latches on rear-facing car seats included almost 2 million infant seats, the baby product company announced Monday.

Although the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) put pressure on Graco to recall the defective car seats, the company agreed to pull the seats.

According to reports, the buckles on the infant car seats can make it difficult for a child to be freed from the seats should an emergency or car accident occur.

The car seat buckle was redesigned to fix the flaw, despite outcries by Graco that the seat could be released from the car seat base in order to free an infant during an emergency.

The buckle was used in other types of car seats, including Evenflo brand seats. Evenflo also recalls over a million infant seats for the defective car seat latch. Both companies declared the recall unnecessary, although both cooperated with NHTSA officials.

Should the companies have continued to resist the infant seat recall, they would have been forced to participate in a public hearing regarding the car seat buckle.

Graco later agreed that the latch made it more difficult to free an infant during an emergency situation.

Baby products are a billion dollar industry. But despite the necessity of infant products and the billions of dollars spent on products that entertain, protect and pamper or children, the safety of baby products is something we trust. Parents and caregivers trust infant products, designed specifically for babies and even look to goods to protect children from harm.

While adults place extreme trust in the products designed for babies, some companies push goods that may actual cause children harm. In some instances, baby product companies may be aware of potential flaws and baby product defects that could harm our most vulnerable family members. Instead of promptly recalling or testing or studying dangerous infant products, some companies fight potential recalls and flaws, giving profit precedence over health and safety.

If you have lost a child or a baby product caused your infant harm or injury, seeking help is vital to protecting other children and babies while holding negligent companies responsible for injuries and loss. For a free consultation, call or defective baby product lawyers today. We care. We can help.


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