Harker Heights Man Injured in Lorena Dump Truck Accident

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 27-Mar-2013

A dump truck accident in Lorena left a Harker Heights man with serious injuries on Tuesday morning when the axel on the Progressive Waste Systems truck lost an axel.

The man was identified by officials as 45-year-old Harker Heights resident, 45-year-old LeLon McGahee.

According to police, the rear axel became completely separated from the truck, causing McGahee to lose control of the vehicle and the truck to overturn.

McGahee was not injured in the dump truck rollover, officials reported. Another passenger, identified as 45-year-old Carl Williams, who is also a resident of Harker Heights, was stuck in the vehicle for as long as an hour. Williams endured serious injuries to his foot as a result of the Lorena truck accident.

Commercial vehicles and 18 wheelers require proper maintenance to operate in a safe manner, protecting the drivers of those vehicles as well as those occupying passenger vehicles sharing the roadways. When companies neglect a vehicle, failing to maintain equipment and perform proper checks regarding the safety and reliability of imperative parts is a vital component tied to owning and operating a company where trucks and vehicles are used.

Some of the more common pieces of equipment that may be neglected when maintenance is not properly performed include:

  • Brake failure
  • Inadequate or worn tires and tread
  • Worn or defective headlights and truck lighting
  • Lacking reflectors and tape

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