High School student dies in ATV accident

A 15-year-old McGregor High School Freshmen died in an ATV accident in the 400 block of Windsor Road in McGregor.

The teen, Rhett Hering, was riding an ATV when it flipped around 3 p.m. On Monday. According to authorities, Hering pulled out onto Windsor Road from a private driveway.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. He was alone and no one else was hurt.

McGregor High School has counselors available at the school for students to talk to about Hering’s death according to McGregor Superintendent Kevin Houchin. Houchin said Hering was a “wonderful kid” and said his death was a “terrible tragedy.”

Around 700 people die in all-terrain vehicles (ATV) accidents. There are state and federal laws that attempt to make ATVs safer. Sellers and manufacturers must abide by these laws. If they don’t and someone gets injured by them, it could turn to legal action from the injured.

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