Highway 69 Car Accident Involving Tractor Sends Two to Hospital

A car accident between two passenger vehicles and a tractor on Highway 69 sent two people to the hospital with injuries resulting from the collision, yesterday.

Police have not yet released the names of those injured in the auto accident in Texas and investigations regarding the crash are still underway.

The safety of agricultural equipment is important among an industry where safety is so vital to protecting those operating such equipment and the people surrounding. While the safety of the equipment itself is imperative to protecting operators and surrounding parties, other drivers, sharing the roads with agriculture equipment is equally important to keeping Texas roadways safe.

In some instances, tractor accidents can be easily prevented with greater attention by drivers and equipment operators or increased attention to the safety of tractors by manufacturers.

Tractor rollovers are one of the most common causes of tractor fatalities. In fact, 45 percent of fatal tractor accidents involve the vehicle rolling over.

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