Hot Pockets Recall Expands to Nationwide Beef Recall

A beef recall that led to the recall of thousands of units of hot pockets across the nation has prompted calls from food safety advocates for change within the food and meat preparation industries.

The recall, which was provoked by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) in late February, resulted from accusations that the beef was tainted. According to the USDA, the meat used in the hot pockets was derived from “diseased and unsound” livestock. The animals and the resulting meat were not adequately inspected, officials reported.

The original recall encompassed four different types of Hot Pockets products, including pastries containing Philly Steak.

Hot Pockets are owned and produced by Nestle.

Defective and Recalled Product Attorneys | Food Poisoning Lawyers in Texas

Although entities like the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) have been created to monitor the safety of foods and beverages available to consumers, the FDA is no stranger to the controversy associated with foodborne illness and contamination associated with negligent food manufacturing and food-related processes.

Food poisoning and injuries and illness caused by defective food and other products can be extremely serious, sometimes even resulting in death among those with much weaker immune systems, like children and elderly.

In addition to having serious repercussions to children and older people, food poisoning and illness caused by bad food can provoke illness that requires extensive medical treatment and care, provoking a financial crisis for some victims of dangerous products.

Time away from work and a career, medical bills, the need for help with family and children and necessary medical treatment and appointments are just some of the damages victims of a defective food or other product may seek after enduring serious illnesses and injuries caused by the negligence of a company or manufacturer.

Holding onto items and food that may be suspected as defective is one of the most important steps victims of bad products can do to prove and protect themselves as they seek compensation for damages and injuries.

If you’ve endured serious illness because after consuming a bad or recalled food, call our food poisoning attorneys for a free initial consultation.


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