How Safe is Your Drinking Water?

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 10-Sep-2011


With news of emerging hazards, defective drugs and countless recalls, water seems to be one of the only “safe” materials we have these days. Or is it?

KHOU 11 News has recently brought the safety of Texas tap water to the forefront, highlighting the existence of Radium in H2O used for drinking, bathing and playing in some towns and cities across the state. Not only is the presence of Radium in water disturbing, the levels found in some areas are actually present in illegal amounts, the station’s investigative teams says.

Smaller Texas communities like Brady, Millersview, Melvin and North San Saba have all shown dangerously high levels of radioactive Radium that actually exceed the acceptable levels according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, KHOU said in their extensive report. In some of the cities looked into by KHOU, the plumbing used for water was the tell-tale sign that Radium was present in frightful amounts, showing levels of radioactivity that made the metals unsuitable for recycling.

What is Radium?

Radium is a mineral found underground across Texas. Its existence only becomes dangerous when drinking water is derived from beneath the ground, which is where Texas communities find much of their water. Radium is also dangerous in its

Dangerous Radium Levels

Although radium levels in drinking water can be an alarming thought, what has caught the attention of residents across Texas is the information that has been kept behind closed doors. KHOU notes, in their investigative report, that state officials in Brady have been well aware of Radium levels and dangers in the community’s water sources for years.

According to a report, Drinking Water Regulations for Radionuclide, published in 2001, as many as 200,000 Texas residents drink water that contains high levels of radium from public water sources.

Why is Radium Dangerous?

Radioactive Radium is not only dangerous when consumed; it also gives off Radon gas, one of the leading causes of lung cancer in the United States, according to KHOU. The gas can be carried throughout homes by the water we use every single day. Faucets, hoses, appliances and drinking water all become sources of Radon gas that is released into the homes of unknowing Texas residents. Some scientists note that the levels of Radium in various Texas community water supplies as well as the Radon gas emitted will provoke cancer rates of 1 in 400 residents.

As a result of KHOU News’ story, some communities have developed more stringent requirements and ordered increased testing. But is this increased activity among public leaders too late?

If you suffer from a health condition that you believe was caused by the negligence of others, you should contact an attorney that has the resources to fully investigate and pursue your case.

Source: KHOU News


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