Carlson duo secures $1m settlement for injured UPS driver

AJ Harrison was driving his UPS delivery truck, about to make his last delivery for the day on May 7, 2013. As Harrison approached his destination, he turned on his blinker and began to slow in preparation for his turn. When traffic was clear in the oncoming lane, AJ began to make his turn into a private drive. An Amigon Trucking 18-wheeler, which had been travelling behind Harrison, attempted to pass AJ’s truck on the left side by crossing a double yellow line.

Though he admitted seeing the turning UPS truck, the 18-wheeler driver barely applied the brakes before ramming his 40-ton vehicle into the driver’s side of the UPS truck, sending it spinning down Highway 36 near Hamilton, Texas.

The UPS truck was a total loss. Harrison’s career as a delivery driver was also soon to be determined a total loss.  Immediately following the incident, Harrison lost consciousness, and suffered a traumatic brain injury. It was noted that he had cuts on his scalp, and his skull was fractured. He also suffered internal organ injuries.  

Harrison had to be airlifted by an AirEvac Helicopter to Scott & White Hospital’s emergency room in Temple, Texas.  Since then,  he has continued to suffer from headaches, blurred vision and dizziness. Unable to return to his job at UPS, Harrison found work with a friend building deer blinds for hunters.  

Harrison sought out the help of the team at The Carlson Law Firm when Amigon refused to pay for the damage they had caused.  The company dissolved, and the owner/driver moved out of state.  

The Carlson Law Firm used its team of investigators to locate the faulty driver and to force Amigon’s insurance company to do as they had contracted to do.  

“It is a shame that insurance companies do not willingly pay when liability and damages are so clear,” said Carlson partner Todd Kelly. “But when they do refuse justice, by closing off the financial access to medical care, it is gratifying to be able to provide care to our deserving clients.”

Harrison received a $1,000,000 settlement, which will help to make up for the considerable harm that he suffered from the neglect of the Amigon driver, and will serve as a reminder to others to drive these deadly vehicles to act as the professionals that they are required to be.

“Our client is a nice, hard-working Bell County citizen out doing his job who was severely injured due to a truck driver’s unsafe driving on our roads,” added attorney Julie Peschel. “ Forcing the insurance company to pay what they owe helps our client and his family move forward and is another step toward making companies take responsibility for their actions.



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