Jasper Man Killed in Texas Rollover Accident

A resident of Jasper, Texas was killed in a rollover accident on Wednesday after losing control of his Chevrolet pickup truck before it overturned on U.S. 96 in Jasper County, officials said.

Police identified the man, who was killed in the tragic Jasper rollover accident, as 61-year-old Rodney Bruce Mack.

Authorities are still investigating the fatal rollover accident. According to police, Mack was, in fact, wearing a seatbelt at the time of the crash.

Our thoughts and prayers go out the Rodney Mack’s friends and family.

Pickup trucks, like SUV’s, can be vulnerable to rollover accidents because of the higher center of gravity they posses. If they because tripped up by another object, imbalanced or experience a tire blowout, pickup truck can overturn.

Various auto equipment and safety products in a vehicle are designed to safeguard occupants from serious injuries and death, even in the event of a rollover accident. Roof pillars reinforce the roofs of cars, trucks and SUV’s, protecting the space between an occupant’s head and neck. In addition, the glass in the windshield and other windows are designed to keep occupants inside the vehicle, preventing ejection during a rollover accident.


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