Judge Rules on Evidence Preservation for Actos Plaintiffs

Even as the effects of Actos and the dangers associated with the dangerous drug become more evident, a U.S. District Judge recently ruled against Takeda (the drug’s manufacturer), revealing that the pharmaceutical company destroyed evidence regarding the cancer risks associated with drug.

Actos, a diabetes drug, was marketed by Takeda Pharmaceuticals Co. Ltd and Eli Lilly & Co. Takeda is responsible for $6 billion in damages and Eli Lilly was hit was $3 billion in damages related to the dangers associated with the Actos bladder cancer and other serious side effects.

According to the judge, the Actos manufacturer failed to maintain important information that was relevant to the Actos lawsuits, which alleged dangers of the drug. By failing to maintain the evidence and information that was important in the various Actos cases, the judge who ruled in the case, said Takeda left plaintiffs at a severe and unfair disadvantage against the pharmaceutical giant.

In addition to ruling on the company’s conduct, the judge also requires the manufacturer work on attempting to put together the information that destroyed and lost.

Thousands of Actos lawsuits have been filed across the nation, alleging that Takeda was aware of the bladder cancer risks long before the manufacturer even applied for approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Actos Bladder Cancer Lawyers in Texas

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