Justice for yet another car crash victim

Personal injury attorney, Robert L. Ranco, reached an agreement settling a $965,000 case against a trucking company represented by American Indemnity Insurance for a victim of a collision with an 18 wheeler. Ranco sued the truck driver and the trucking company on behalf of his client.

In July 2012, Ranco’s client was traveling southbound on IH-35 in Round Rock as traffic began to stop. The defendant was driving one of the trucking company’s 18 wheelers (fully loaded) when the truck driver swerved into the left lane and struck his client’s pickup truck at a high rate of speed, causing the truck’s bed to buckle and crush. Three more vehicles were involved in the chain-reaction of the collision, totaling two of the vehicles.

Although the defendant driver denied liability for the collision, evidence showed that the truck driver had made a YouTube channel with 52 videos to document his driving journeys. This revealed the use of cell phones and cameras which demonstrated a habit of unsafe driving of the defendant driver. “Other witnesses and victims at the scene corroborated the testimony of the Plaintiff that the truck driver was the sole cause of this massive collision,” said Ranco. The carrier settled the case shortly after the defendant’s deposition.

The car crash victim had extensive injuries that required extensive medical treatment. Three surgeries were performed on his back and shoulder. The victim will need painful injections and expensive medication for the rest of his life and will be limited at his job, which requires extensive traveling, standing for long periods and walking.

The case settled for $965,624.44, which was the remaining insurance coverage left after some smaller claims were paid. Although Ranco feels the amount is inadequate for his client, the trucking company filed for bankruptcy shortly after the accident causing there to be no other source of recovery beyond the insurance proceeds.

“This is my fourth recovery (through either trial or settlement) this year exceeding $500,000 for my clients, and my second of over $900,000. This is what we try to do at the Carlson Law Firm. We are committed to getting the top result possible, depending on the circumstances of the loss, and the available source(s) of recovery,” said Ranco. He believes their clients deserve zealous, honest and vigilant representation, and that is what he seeks to provide for each and every case.

Ranco voiced, “I am tremendously proud of the efforts of our team. The Carlson Law Firm’s Complex Case Division is a group we started a few years ago. I supervise this group along with Partner Todd Kelly. Our group of seven trial attorneys focus our attention on the most complex and valuable cases in our firm.”


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