Karnes County Oil Tank Explosion Injures Worker

Posted By The Carlson Law Firm || 8-Oct-2013

A tank explosion in Karnes County left one worker injured on Tuesday morning, officials reported.

According to residents nearby the scene of the tank farm, a loud boom prompted them to call officials, who arrived at the tank farm in time to witness a secondary explosion. As many as nine tanks were on fire, according to Karnes County Sheriff, Dwayne Villanueva in a report published by KSAT News.

The worker who was injured was transported to a hospital in San Antonio, where he was treated for second and third degree burns. The worker was identified as a Hurst resident in his 30’s.

Authorities reported that the tanks that exploded were filled salt water and diesel.

A fire ignited as a result of the explosions and a portion of Highway 80 was closed as crews worked to extinguish the fires. In addition Highway 119 was shut down while crews

The company that owns the tanks where the explosions occurred was identified as Gulf Coast Acquisitions.

The explosion accident in Karnes County comes in the wake of a previous explosion that left several oil workers injured.

Oil field and oil tank accidents in Karnes County seem to continue to rise as an increase in oil field traffic, trucks and workers fill the region. But despite the rise in traffic and workers, there are important steps that companies can take to help protect workers, drivers, residents and visitors from the dangers associated.

Hiring Responsible Workers and Drivers

One of the best ways companies can safeguard employees and surrounding residents and drivers from injuries and harm caused by negligence is by hiring responsible workers and drug testing them in a manner meets standards and adequately protects others from drugged and drunk driving accidents. In addition, it’s vital that driver and employee backgrounds are checked to insure companies aren’t putting those who’ve driven or acted recklessly in the past put other employees or bystanders at risk.


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